We are a team of specialists who enjoy building intelligent and customisable software to help businesses make better decisions and gain a competitive advantage. We pride ourselves on being innovative, client focused, and honest.



Carl Daley – Managing Director

Carl is Managing Director at SavvyPlus. He has a track record in innovation and strategic leadership demonstrated over many years in a variety of roles and businesses. 

As a co-founder of Creative Energy Solutions in 2003, the business set a new industry best-practice standard for large corporate consumers, primarily due to the innovative and sophisticated risk managed procurement products and energy accounting services. Carl led the Creative business to become Australia’s premier electricity consultant for large end-use clients. Acquired by the Scottish based M&C Energy Group in 2010 he was then appointed Head of Global Strategy covering operations in the UK, Europe, Asia and USA, up until Schneider Electric’s acquisition in 2012. Carl returned to the Australian business as Head of APAC Operations and then after more than 10 years, decided it was time for a change.

Carl joined the electricity market in 1995 and held many senior positions at Powercor. He led the trading group and was voted by the industry as Trader of the Year in 2001. At the point of sale to Origin Energy in 2001, Powercor’s wholesale electricity hedge book had a substantial favourable mark-to-market value. He remained trading manager at Origin Energy until the trading operation was transferred to Sydney in 2002. Carl then joined Loy Yang Power in a strategy role, until the commencement of Creative.

Prior to the electricity industry, Carl’s previous work history was in public transport. He was appointed as Research Manager at Melbourne Airport undertaking forecasting aeronautical revenue and aircraft activity, tracking airport passenger and visitor movements for infrastructure planning.

For a period of 14 years, Carl worked in Victorian country public transport and Melbourne metropolitan public transport. Appointed as a manager from a relatively young age, he led teams in market research, managing fares, business planning and revenue forecasting.
Innovation and leading strategically talented teams has been a specialty, and now it is a privilege to lead the talented SavvyPlus Consulting team.




Jarrod Daley – Director

Jarrod is Head of Commodities & Business Intelligence at SavvyPlus Consulting and has a finance / information technology background. Prior to SavvyPlus, Jarrod was a Senior Associate for National Australia Bank and led the development of large scale reporting and tracking systems for the Clearing & Collateral function of the Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities division of Wholesale Banking.

Upon completing his Bachelor of Finance, Jarrod began his experience in the Australian Energy market with Creative Energy Solutions where he held a variety of roles exposing him to the full breadth of services offered by the energy consultancy company.

With a passion for business intelligence and UI/UX design, Jarrod possesses a wealth of knowledge in designing modern and innovative systems and has developed solutions in the energy, banking and finance markets. Jarrod is a proficient business programmer and has over 7 years of technical and analytical experience in process improvement, business analysis and data management.